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Art lessons with English-speaking teacher in Moscow

Even if you have never tried painting before, you can begin to build your skill from any level! Sign up today!

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For both adults and children!

What can I expect at the trial lesson?

You will paint your own piece of art even if you have never painted in your life before!

Practice will take up 80% of the lesson.

Check out the results of our previous trial lessons! 

In the very first trial lesson you will gain invaluable techniques that will help you kick start your art career! 

First ten minutes will consist of introductions and getting familiar with the teacher and the painting tools.

At that point we can discuss your final goals, and your initial questions in regards to what you would like to achieve.

The training course then begins with a 10 minute orientation.

The teacher will then begin instruction on how you can achieve tangible results.

For the next 70 minutes each of you will create your own piece of art under the watchful eye of our instructor.

Meet your teachers

Professionals in international art school programs who are guaranteed to help you on your first steps as an artist

Olga Pozdnyaeva

Is an artist who has been drawing and painting since she was 5 years old, having completed her high artistic education at the High School of Print and Media Industries in Moscow. 

Olga has made London her home since 1996 and had exhibited her works multiple time and took part in auctions of Russian art, as well as leading several educational programs.

- author of painting training programs approved by the National Gallery of London, the British Council for Culture, the House of Commons, the Prince of Wales Arts Foundation and many others.

    - Held more than 125 events and art projects in London in the field of fine arts

- continues her work as an artist, her work continues to network with art collectors in Russia and abroad

- speaks fluent English, has worked for more than 10 years as an interpreter and moderator at international conferences and roundtables on Russian-British cooperation in the House of Commons and the House of Lords of the British Parliament

- lives and teaches in Moscow since 2014, serves as the Art Director of the gallery "Amato Art Agency" (Moscow-London-Paris-New York)

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Photos from our classes

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Moscow, metro Novokuznetskaya, Tretyakovskaya - 5 min.
Ovchinnikovskaya embankment, 6 st1

Тел: 8 (925) 633 01 33

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8 (925) 633 01 33